It Started with a Haircut

It all started with a haircut.

I had the opportunity to photograph and talk to an amazing couple this afternoon for an engagement session. These two are very much in love with each other and it truly shows.
Here is their story.

July 29th, 2016
Mariel Barba works at Great Clips and expected the day to be like any other day at work. She sees someone come in, she greets them and signs them in for a haircut. Mariel probably sees hundreds of people each day.

One day a gentleman comes in for a haircut, this man was Greg Buechner.

"I saw her when I walked in, I thought she was beautiful and one of a kind. I couldn't take my eyes off her"

As Greg was waiting for his haircut, something caught his attention.
Greg saw Mariel cutting hair, out of everyone their that day, everyone he had seen, she stood out.

"I noticed he was staring at me, so I rushed to call him back for his haircut"

While Mariel was cutting Greg's hair, they talked, laughed and had a good time in each other's company. It seemed like any normal conversation.
When she had finished his haircut and he was ready to leave, the unexpected happened. Before Greg walked out the Great Clips, he turned around and started to write his phone number on a card and handed it to Mariel.

"I think your really cool and if you ever want to hang out call me"

The following day was Mariel's birthday. She decided to give Greg a call and invite him to her birthday. They connected.
Soon after, Greg and Mariel were spending time together as much as they could. He would come to Mariel's job every day to see her.
Finally on September 15th, 2016, Greg asked Mariel out on a date.
Mariel and Greg were inseparable until one very early morning where Greg asked Mariel if she wanted to be his girl, she said yes.

They are set to be married on September 15th, 2019.